Based on many years' experience and foundation of engaging in offshore fishery related industries and operating "China Tuna Trading Center", the company will actively explore and promote the construction of Zhonglu Industrial Park project called “Six Centers and Two Bases”in the future which including China Tuna Trading Center, China Tuna R&D Center, Tuna Processing Center, Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Center, Refrigerated Business Distribution Center, Internet of Things + information service center, freezing bases, and port bases. The company will be guided by national strategy and industrial policy, while doing a good job in resource optimization layout and transformation and upgrading, it will give play to the functions of state-owned leading enterprises to drive the development of the industry and build a blue development engine.


Achieving rapid, high-quality, and healthy development of the company is not only a historical and realistic choice, but also an inevitable requirement for the company to deepen reforms, fulfill state-owned enterprise responsibilities, and drive the development of the ocean industry and mass fishery in our province. Combining the current industry development situation and our own reality, we will adhere to the following overall development ideas and goals in the future: based on reality、based on ourselves、give play to advantages, rational layout、optimization and adjustment、transformation and upgrading, leading the rapid, high-quality and healthy development of enterprise, and built the company into a modern ocean-going fishery enterprise with a reasonable industrial structure, solid basic management, efficient organization operation, strong brand effects, strong development vitality, continuous growth of benefits, and continuous expansion of business operations and asset scale, further consolidating the leading position of fishery in Shandong Province and make greater contributions to the fishery development of the province.