The company has 4 branches, 5 first-level subsidiaries and 4 second-level subsidiaries, including Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Qingdao Haiyan Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Qingdao Haiwei Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Jinan Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Qingdao Refrigeration Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Haiyan Oceanic Fisheries Co.,Ltd., Shandong Zhonglu Aquatic Shipping Co.,Ltd., HABITAT INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic (Yantai) Foods Co.,Ltd., Zhonglu Oceanic(Qingdao) Industrial Investment Development Co.,Ltd., Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Refrigeration Co.,Ltd., LAIF FISHERIES COMPANY LIMITED, ZHONG GHA FOODS COMPANY LIMITED, AFRICA STAR FISHERIES LIMITED.

  • Zhonglu Haiyan

    Shandong Zhonglu Haiyan Oceanic Fisheries Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, was incorporated on August 27, 2012. It was jointly established by Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co.,Ltd. and Shandong State-owned Assets Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Mainly engaged in the production of ocean tuna longline fishing and purse seine. Currently, it has 5 large tuna purse seine boats and 10 longline fishing vessels engaged in fishing operations, which are located in the high seas of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic High Seas.

  • Zhonglu Haiyun

    Shandong Zhonglu Aquatic Shipping Co.,Ltd. was established in January 1994 and is a subsidiary of Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co., Ltd. Its operating radiation area can reach all port cities of the Pacific Ocean and parts of the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The company has a large ocean shipping fleet consisting of 8 ships, of which 7 ships are 8000 tons and above, and the total annual transportation volume has always maintained above 100,000 tons. The company is mainly engaged in: international ship management business, import and export of goods; aquatic product sales; seafarer dispatch services.

  • Zhonglu Foods

    Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic(Yantai) Foods Co., Ltd. was established on June 18, 2001. The company is located in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 33,000 square meters. The company has set up a large-scale ocean product refrigeration and processing base that integrates refrigeration, processing and trade. The company has  30,000 tons of ultra-low temperature cold storage (-60 ℃) which is the largest in domestic and 20,000 tons of ultra-low temperature variable temperature cold storage (-30 ℃ to -60 ℃). The annual refrigeration service throughput can reach 100,000 tons, and the scale of cold storage accounts for more than 50% of the country. With a modern processing workshop of 12,000 square meters, it can process more than 20,000 tons of various ocean products every year. The company's "China Tuna Trading Center" plays an important role in accelerating the development of China's oceanic fisheries, increasing the added value of fishery chain products, expanding China's domestic market for tuna, and improving China's oceanic offshore fishery status.

  • Zhonglu Oceanic Ghana Representative Office

    Zhonglu Oceanic Ghana Representative Office was established because of the company's ocean fishing project in Ghana. It was established in March 2007 and has four subsidiaries. Mainly engaged in ocean tuna purse seine production and trawl production. Currently it is entrusted to manage 7 large tuna purse seine ships and 2 trawlers under the group, which are engaged in fishing operations in the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean and offshore areas, with an annual output of more than 40,000 tons of fish cargo.

  • Zhonglu Haiyan Branch

    Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co., Ltd. Haiyan Branch is mainly engaged in the production of ocean tuna longline fishing. It is the earliest ocean fishing enterprise involved in ultra-low temperature tuna longline fishing in the province. It operates in the Indian Ocean for many years, with the annual output of ultra-low temperature tuna for more than 1,700 tons, and the sales income for more than 80 million yuan.

  • Zhonglu Haiwei Branch

    Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co., Ltd. Haiwei Branch currently has two large tuna purse seine vessels. Since the establishment of the company, it has created two firsts in the country. It is the earliest offshore fishery enterprise involved in large seine operations of tuna and it has created a precedent for the development of tuna resources in West Africa. It has also become the first ocean fishing enterprise in China to have Atlantic tuna purse seine fishing qualifications. The catch species are catfish and yellowfin tuna, with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons and a sales income of more than 80 million yuan.

  • Zhonglu Jinan Branch

    Zhonglu Jinan Branch is the company's operating entity that forms control through operating leases. It owns two trawlers operating with the form of financial leases. It is mainly engaged in fish's fishing and marketing such as cuttlefish, octopus etc which are molluscs,and jiji, catfish, grouper etc which are hard fish.

  • Zhonglu Refrigeration

    Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Refrigeration Co., Ltd. is located in Chaoshui, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was established on June 11, 2014. It was invested and constructed by Shandong Zhonglu Yuanyang(Yantai) Foods Company with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. The first-phase tidal water cold storage logistics center project has a total area of 46,668 square meters and a building area of 17,477 square meters. It mainly has 30,000 tons of low-temperature cold storage, of which 10,000 tons is -60℃ cold storage and 20,000 tons is -30℃ cold storage. It was completed and put into operation on December 3, 2014. This cold storage is currently the first large-scale variable low-temperature cold storage (-30℃ ~ -60℃) in China. The second-phase planned land area is 21156.6 square meters, with a construction area of 10,000 square meters. The aquatic product processing workshop will be mainly constructed. After the project is completed, it will promote the intensive processing of ocean fishery products and become an ocean processing center in China, supporting for ocean fisheries.