Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co., Ltd. ("Zhonglu Oceanic") is an outward-oriented integrated offshore fishery enterprise established in July 1999 with the approval of the Shandong Provincial People's Government. It issued B shares and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in July 2000. The controlling shareholder of the company is Shandong State-owned Assets Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. After 20 years’s development and accumulation, the scale of the Company has gradually grown and its development has gradually matured. Especially in recent years, the company has always maintained a high-quality development trend, the industrial influence has been significantly enhanced, and its industrial status has been further consolidated. It has become a representative and competitive listed company with complete sea and land facilities and complete industrial chain in the national offshore fishing industry.It was rated as the leading enterprises of agricultural industry in Shandong Province, one of the five largest offshore fishery enterprises in China and the vice president unit of China Overseas Fisheries Association、the  president unit of Qingdao Overseas Fisheries Association.

The business area of Zhonglu Oceanic company involves  ocean fishing, marine transportation, deep processing of aquatic products and import and export trade.The industrial chain is relatively complete. The company currently has nearly 30 large-scale professional offshore fishing and transportation vessels; It has a large cold storage of 50,000 tons, which is first-class in China; It has a processing base of more than 10,000 square meters; The company’s“Chinese tuna trading center” which is the largest and earliest in China was established in June 2009. The company has 4 branches, 5 first-level subsidiaries and 4 second-level subsidiaries, including Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Qingdao Haiyan Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Qingdao Haiwei Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Jinan Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Qingdao Refrigeration Branch, Shandong Zhonglu Haiyan Oceanic Fisheries Co.,Ltd., Shandong Zhonglu Aquatic Shipping Co.,Ltd., HABITAT INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic (Yantai) Foods Co.,Ltd., Zhonglu Oceanic(Qingdao) Industrial Investment Development Co.,Ltd., Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Refrigeration Co.,Ltd., LAIF FISHERIES COMPANY LIMITED, ZHONG GHA FOODS COMPANY LIMITED, AFRICA STAR FISHERIES LIMITED.


Business Goal

Highlight the leading role,Show responsibility work

Doing excellent party building, making big profits, doing real management, strengthening the brand

Solidly push enterprise’s high-quality development

Zhonglu oceanic company will adhere to the goal of building a world-class ocean-going fishery enterprise. In the direction of “Belt and Road”, with the enterprise spirit of remaining true to original aspiration、forging ahead、innovation and reform、standardization and efficiency、cooperation and win-win、dedication to society,  company will actively implement the national strategy for oceans, serve the construction of Shandong's strong marine province, embrace the new era, show new responsibilities, and make new and greater contributions to the rapid and healthy development of the marine economy in our province and even the whole country.


Party Committee Secretary,Chairman:Lu Lianxing

Director, General Manager:Wang Huan

Party Committee Member,Supervisory Board Chairman:Liu Zhihui

Party Committee Deputy Secretary,Board Secretary,Trade Union Chairman:Liang Shanglei

Party Committee Member,Vice General Manager:Meng Fanyong

Financial Director:Fu Chuanhai

Party Committee Member,Inspection Secretary:Ma Lijie

Party Committee Member,Vice General Manager:Dong Guangming


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